Teffy is a new brand of accessories from natural silk based in Milan. Teffy unites art, modernity and quality. Its concept takes inspiration from the new ‘Made in Italy’.  It blends authentic high end Italian craftsmanship with international values of trend, style, innovation and visibility. The brand pays special attention to the quality of accessorises, using the best materials.

Designed for modern women’s contemporary lifestyle, Teffy conveys youthfulness through innovative luxury materials and techniques.

We found a way to create scarves that we want to wear every day, day by day.


"Kaleidoscope" Collection of Teffy includes 11 foulards from natural silk. Collection is inspired by precious stones and luxury jewellery. This lustrous scarves are cut from smooth silk-twill printed with vibrant colors and eye-catching motives.

Made in Italy.

Black Diamond
White Diamond_Teffy
Neon Tourmaline
Red Garnet
Black moon